Penarth Group School
128 Reddish Road
​SK5 7JG
Tel: 0161 483 1212
Fax: 0161 483 4323

Headteacher: Mr S. Watson

Proprietor and Chair of Govenors: Mrs P. Swallow
A Healthy School
The health and wellbeing of our students, staff and partners is a priority. We are well on our way to being a healthy school. We have recently developed a key policy regarding food and physical activity in school to accompany all the other aspects of healthy lifestyles that we promote and teach about at PGS.
Health Eating 
Every child should attend school with a balanced nutritious meal for lunchtimes supported by healthy snacks for breaktimes. The schools will provide a healthy snack during the day if requested. 

The school provides a helpful guide to what each students lunchbox should provide. No fizzy drinks or high sugary snacks are allowed for break or lunchtimes. 
Physical Activity
Students and staff are encouraged to take part in daily physical activity through lessons and during break or lunch times. The school has a wide range of sporting equipment for students to choose from. The school take part in a range of sporting competitions and actvities termly alongside the 3.5 hours of PE per week.
Mental Health & Wellbeing
Mental health is extremely important and we support our young people by offering them a positive experience in education.
Sexual Health
We understand that sexual health and wellbeing is a sensitive subject and working with our young people, carers and other professionals we offer guidance and support. Sexual health and relationships is taught through science (reproduction and STI's), PHSE (The law, STI's, contraception, pregnancy, safe practice) and RE/Citizenship (Values and ethics). Lessons are optional and can be discussed before delivery with parents/carers or professionals.
Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking
Through lessons in Science, PHSE, PE, RE and citizneship studnets explore their views as well as learning the hard facts of the effects of alcohol, drugs and smoking, We work with a variety of proffesionals to ensure our students have access to services to support them.