Penarth Group School
128 Reddish Road
​SK5 7JG
Tel: 0161 483 1212
Fax: 0161 483 4323

Headteacher: Mr S. Watson

Proprietor and Chair of Govenors: Mrs P. Swallow

"The choice of courses at key stage 4 prepares pupils well for the next stage of their education, training or employment."

KS4 Results
KS4 Qualifications List
English & Literacy
We had two students sitting external exams in May/June 2017. Both performed really well by achieving or surpassing their target grades in the majority of subjects entered.

English, Maths and Science showed the strongest performances which was a well deserved reward for the pupils efforts during the courses studied.

One pupil has now left the school and is studying Engineering at a local sixth form college

GCSE English Language (AQA)
GCSE English Literature (AQA)
Step Up Programme (AQA)

Mathematics & Numeracy
GCSE Mathematics (AQA)
Functional Skills Numeracy (Entry to Level 2)
All students in key stage 4 (year 10-11) study all subjects within the core category and then opt to study a variety of subjects and qualifications within the optional subjects. 

Core Subjects
  • English 
  • Mathematics
  • Science 
  • IT
  • Physical Education
  • PHSE/ Life Skills

Optional Subjects
  • ​History
  • Religous Studies
  • Citizenship
  • Sport
  • Horticulture
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Child Development
  • Performing Arts
GCSE Science Combined Triology (AQA)
GCSE Biology (AQA)
Enrty Level Certificate Science (AQA)

Computing & ICT
Cambridge National ICT (OCR)
Functional Skills ICT (Enrty Level to Level 2)

Physical Education & Sport
Cambridge National in Sport Science (OCR)
​Cambridge National in Sport Studies (OCR)

Humanities and PHSE
GCSE Citizenhsip (AQA)
GCSE Religous Studies (WJEC)
GCSE History (AQA)

Health, Arts & Technology
GCSE Food and Nutrition (WJEC)
Cambridge National Child Development (OCR)

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