Numeracy is an important part of our daily timetable at Penarth Group School.

​We promote numeracy through Numeracy across the curriculum and a dedicated Numeracy Intervention.​
Numeracy – Whole School – Mr Fenelon Broquart

Whole School Numeracy

What is numeracy?

Numeracy is the ability to use maths in real-life contexts. Calculating a percentage discount,
Reading train Timetables and estimating and assessing the validity of an answer are some of the examples of the use of numeracy.

Why integrate numeracy across the curriculum?

We understand that numeracy is an integral part of subjects across the curriculum. It is believed that If all teachers can identify and exploit the numeracy learning opportunities that exist in the subjects they teach, then students’ numeracy capabilities along with learning in each subject are likely to be enhanced.

Being numerate is the ability to understand numbers, and to use them effectively and appropriately. Numeracy is important across many subjects, not just maths and science. It is also important in daily life, from things like telling the time, to doing basic sums to make sure you have enough money to pay for things, to understanding percentages, etc. This builds some confidence that children can take into their adulthood as a valuable trait.

Integrating numeracy across the curriculum is a great way to develop essential skills without explicitly teaching them as part of a maths lesson. This means that children’s learning can be more flexible and nuanced. It might also be more enjoyable for the children and can take some of the fear and stress away from learning about maths. Someone shared his experience about how he wasn’t good at Maths but loved Physics and was good at it. The fact was that he was doing more maths in Physics than he couldn’t imagine. The most important thing is to know how to apply maths concepts in everyday life. This academic year, through work scrutiny, there is evidence that all teachers are finding ways of incorporating numeracy across all the subjects.

How do we celebrate numeracy?

On Mondays maths attacks, during form time, our students have the opportunity to do some numeracy tasks. Teachers of all subjects identify numeracy being used in lessons. Maths after-school club during one of the terms. This academic year, on the 22 May 2024, National Numeracy Day, our students entered the BBC Number Heroes Competition, where they were asked to create a picture of them doing their dream job or hobby and tell how they will use numbers. Hopefully, one of them can win a prize. Also, numeracy was celebrated on that day as students completed some numeracy tasks as starters in all the lessons.

How do we reward our students?

We have implemented a reward system such as raffle tickets and class Dojo to encourage students who are working very hard and to recognize students who are supporting others with their maths. The raffle drawing is done on Fridays and the winner is allowed to choose a prize. Every student gets something as well such as a bar of chocolate. At the end of a term, the three students who have accumulated more dojo points get vouchers. Even more, we are rewarding every term three students who have completed a large amount of work or has made a big improvement in Maths with a trophy and vouchers.

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