Ofsted Information


Penarth Group School and Students get recognition in a Good Ofsted Report

April 2023 Penarth Group School received its Ofsted Report from Her Majesty’s Inspectors.

The School was awarded ‘GOOD’ with elements of ‘OUTSTANDING’

Students, Staff, Governors and Parents/Carers were delighted to be told that the school is Good for its Overall Effectiveness.

The quality of education – Good
Behaviour and attitudes – Good
Personal development – Outstanding
Leadership and management – Good
Safeguarding – Effective 
Does the school meet the independent school standards – Yes

The Ofsted inspector was particularly impressed with the way that staff ‘take care to get to know each pupil individually’, and how ‘Parents commented that the care that the pupils receive is phenomenal, so that pupil often leave this school with with a smile on their face as they begin to experiance success once again’. 

The Ofsted inspector also commented on how ‘leaders have designed a broad and amibitious curriculum, the curriculum is well thought out to meet the additional learning needs of the school’s pupils’ and ‘in most subjects leaders have ensured that the essential building blocks of knowledge that pupils must learn are clearly identified’. It was recognised that ‘ Teachers take care to revisit prior learning to help pupils to embed key topics and concepts’. 

The Ofsted inspector also reported that leaders are acutely aware of the risks that pupils may face in school and in the local community. They raise concerns promptly. 

The Ofsted Report also pointed to the following significant strengths that it found in school, stating that…

  • Pupils are happy at Penarth Group school. 
  • Pupils are exceptionally well prepared for life in modern britain. 
  • Leaders ensure that pupils achieve well, for example many pupils receive recognised qualifications such as GCSE’s and Functional Skills. 
  • Pupils appreciate the many leadership oppertunities. 
  • There is an extensive range of clubs on offer that the students love to engage in. 
  • Staff are adept at adapting the delivery of the curriculum to help pupils to engage well. 
  • Pupils feel that there is an adult they can speak to in school if they’ve any concerns. 
  • Pupils report that when incidents of bullying are reported, leaders deal with these concerns swiftly and effectively. 
  • Leaders quickly develop supportive strategird which enable staff to manage pupils behaviour effectively, as a result most pupil develop positive attitudes, and begin to regulate their own behaviour. 
  • Staff provide excellent pastoral support. 
  • Leaders prepare pupils exceedingly well for adulthood. 
  • Reading is a high priority. leaders make sure that those pupils who struggle to read are quickly identified. Staff provide those pupils at the earlier stages of learning to read with extra support and guidance. This helps these pupils catch up. 

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