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Operation Encompass


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Operation Encompass is a partnership between police and schools.

One of the principles of Operation Encompass is that all incidents of domestic abuse are shared with schools, not just those where an offence can be identified.

Penarth Group School has an appointed trained Key Adult who receives information about police attended Domestic Abuse incidents.
The Key Adult will be notified prior to the start of the next school day that the police have attended an incident of domestic abuse.
This timely information sharing enables appropriate support to be provided for that child so that all interactions, from when the child first arrives at the school gates, are of a positive nature.

The Key Adult is also trained as a Designated Safeguarding Lead and attends regular Key Adult Briefing.​​


The Key Adult appointed is: Mrs Keri Tams (Headteacher)

Operation Encompass is an integral component in child safeguarding and protection policies and, as such, is cited in the school’s Safeguarding and Child Protection policies.

Participation in Operation Encompass mandates a secure record-keeping trail, which may be electronic or paper based. Within Operation Encompass all records are managed at Child Protection level with the highest level of security and confidentiality, and in full accordance with GDPR. These records are held by police and schools only. Operation Encompass does not hold the records and never has access to these records.

There is also a school dedicated email for contact relating to Operation Encompass: encompass@penarthgroup.co.uk


Details sent out to all Parents and Carers – 2021-2022

Operation Encompass is a new agenda that is recommended in the KCSiE (2021), to put more responsibilities on schools to be aware of early signs and support families who are suffering from domestic abuse in the home.

KCSIE 2021 states that: ‘all school and college staff should be particularly alert to the potential need for early help for a child who: Is in a family circumstance presenting challenges for the child, such as drug and alcohol misuse, adult mental health issues and domestic’.

Operation Encompass ensures the school’s designated safeguarding lead (known as key Adult) receives a telephone call or notification at start of the next school day after an incident of police attended domestic abuse where there are children enrolled in our setting related to either of the adult parties involved.

Operation Encompass is a police and education early information safeguarding partnership enabling schools to offer immediate support to children experiencing domestic abuse.

Although Operation Encompass is not mandatory for Independent settings, given the new change in guidance and legislation, and the high-risk nature of some of our students/families, as Headteacher, I wanted to really ensure we are ‘ahead of game’, therefore I wanted to enrol our school onto this new initiative.

Having completed all the training, I’ve been in contact with the Head of Safeguarding in Stockport and Greater Manchester Police, to ensure I’ve completed all the necessary steps to become an official operation encompass school.

This is a big step for Penarth Group School, given the nature of our young people and their families. I’m sure OFSTED will look favourably on this, and they will feel rest assured that as a school, we’re doing all we possibly can to promote early intervention and safeguard our young people and their families.

Mrs Tams
Headteacher – Penarth Group School

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