School Admissions

What we offer
We offer any young people ages 11-16 the ability to learn and develop in a supportive and individual centred setting. We have the experience and expertise in providing education for those who have been identified to have a special educational need, social emotional behavioural difficulties or those with mild learning difficulties the opportunity to succeed.
We have extensive experience in working with looked after children who are unable to access mainstream education. As a school we follow the National Curriculum but also have the ability to specialise our curriculum offer to the needs of the individual.

Our school provision offers a stable, support and nurturing educational placements for children and young people who are deemed to be unable to maintain a positive experience in mainstream educational settings or other providers.

Over the past decade Penarth Group School has successfully worked with young people who would otherwise have left education with little opportunities but had fulfilled their potential leaving with recognised GCSE’s and qualifications.


Referral and Admission Process

The school welcomes referrals from local authorities, schools, and parents.

If you think Penarth Group School might benefit you and your child, then do please get in touch with either the Headteacher or Senior Leader – Pastoral who would be happy to talk through your requirements.

In these early discussions, the Headteacher will explain about Penarth Group School’s triangulated approach:
  • Education
  • Well-being
  • Social re-engagement
If this feels suitable for you, then the next step would be to visit the school. This will help you to become familiar and comfortable with our learning community, and you will be able to see for yourself how the school operates. Then you can decide whether it is the right environment for you.

All students are asked to agree to three conditions:

  • You want to be at Penarth Group School and will attend regularly.
  • You want to learn and make academic progress.
  • You will behave with respect and consideration to the other students, the staff, and the property.
We will need to talk to your school or local authority about how your place will be funded; funds which may come from the Local Authority, schools or parents. Sometimes funding for our bespoke programmes will be met by a combination of these funding sources.
Following the initial contact please then send all relevant documents and requests via email. These documents will help decide if our school can meet the needs of the young person. If a place at the school is offered, the relevant parties will be invited to the school for an integration meeting and final arrangements made.
If you are not offered a place, or choose not to come to Penarth Group School because you don’t think it suits your needs, then we can offer you advice and support on the next steps that you and your family might take.
Please read the School Offer booklet – as per the link above.

Education: Core and Creative Curriculum

Education has the power to transform lives. It provides a gateway to achieving a rich and rewarding adult life. We recognise that true learning only occurs when students are safe and secure, so they can focus on acquiring new skills and knowledge.

All of our students follow a wide and varied curriculum that is geared to their age and ability which aims to prepare them for their next steps.

 “What I’ve valued most about Penarth Group School is that the teachers are easy to approach. Also, the lessons can be tailored because class sizes aren’t too huge. They can be individualised.”

Year 11 Student


Well-being: Supporting students to flourish

Every young person should have the support they need to flourish and to believe in themselves. That is why our well-being programme is, quite simply, central to Penarth Group School. Students’ personal development is nurtured through every single conversation, every session, every day.
We operate under a principle of ‘unconditional positive regard’ which is the basic acceptance and support of a person, regardless of what they say or do. This helps each student build the self-confidence, as well as the strong relationships that are vital for their progress.

Students flourish thanks to timetabled well-being sessions. They can take part in creative activities such as drama and music, as well as
non-competitive sports and physical exercise. These can range from mindfulness sessions to kick boxing/martial arts classes.
There are also opportunities for individual bespoke timetabled support with trained therapists as required by each individual student

“I didn’t like school before I joined Penarth Group School, but now I’m much happier. I’ve become a lot more confident, active and better at socialising and dealing with things.”

Year 9 Student


Social re-engagement: Helping students to re-engage with their peers and their communities

Every young person should build positive relationships with others, feel that they belong and engage in the wider world.
Social re-engagement is crucial to our vulnerable students. Before joining us, most had withdrawn from school and become isolated at home. They may have lost their friendships or missed out on the day-to-day social interactions which shape our lives.
They are supported to develop their self-confidence and social skills in a nurturing environment.
Each student is assigned a member of staff who will be their key worker whilst they are at the school. They provide valuable support for each student at critical points in their student life.  They provide support, guidance to the student.

“I have finally found a place where I belong, where I feel safe and I trust people.”

Year 10 Student

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