Ethos and Values

Ethos and Values


Mission Statement

Inspiring young minds to accept individuality, to Foster resilience and to strive for success. Through a safe, caring, and supportive environment

At Penarth Group School we believe every child has an entitlement to a broad balanced and creative curriculum. This should be engaging, meaningful and relevant, within an environment which is safe, nurturing, collaborative and respectful. Through an innovative and reflective approach, we will aim to build successful learners who enjoy learning and achieve. We will aim to nurture confident individuals and responsible citizens who lead safe and happy lives and who will make a positive contribution to society.


Ethos and Vision​​​

Our school motto “Positively Growing Success” is at the core of everything we do and our mission is relentless in order to provide an outstanding education for every student who comes to our school.

Penarth Group School is pro-active in ensuring maximum quality of care to its students and to do the best for every young person that joins our school. This is based on the premise that every individual deserves recognition, respect and is unique. In order to achieve this the school provides a rich and supportive learning environment underpinned by a broad and balanced curriculum based on the values of manners, hard work and honesty. Throughout their time at school, the students are encouraged to grow in understanding and to acquire the qualities, skills and values which will equip them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

Our aim is that every individual will experience success. That doesn’t come magically – it is the result of hard work, perseverance and commitment by the student, and good teaching, encouragement and feedback from staff.

​We also aim to foster positive and meaningful relationships between the school and the home in order to work together to ensure our young people develop into mature and responsible adults.


In order to be successful Penarth Group School will….​​

> Provide an excellent and challenging academic education in a caring and supportive atmosphere.

> Provide opportunities for students to develop intellectually, creatively, spiritually and morally.

> Create conditions in which initiative and independent thought and inquiry are welcomed and a lifelong enjoyment of learning is cultivated.

> Foster high standards of behavior, maturity, responsibly, consideration and encourage the school values of manners, hard work and honesty.

> Provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities to encourage personal /physical development, which builds a sense of self belief and esteem.

> Ensure students are equipped to face the challenges and demands of life beyond school, becoming active and responsible citizens.

> Ensure our behavioral policy is known, accepted and understood by all and is based on a culture of respect that ‘rewards’ rather than punishes.

> Develop a pastoral system that focuses primarily on care and is concerned with both the welfare and academic achievement of our pupils.

> Key Workers that will ensure that the needs of the students are developed within the overall curriculum framework within the school.

> Ensure all staff contribute to the school’s core aims and recognise that strengths need to flourish.

> Foster links with Colleges to ensure both ease of transition and to build Community links.

> Include all members of the school community in the process of school improvement and self-evaluation.

The Governors of Penarth Group School fully support the Headteacher and the staff in all the above

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