The Vine (Learning Support Centre)

The Vine, Our Learning Support Centre (LSC).

Penarth Group School is an inclusive education provision where acceptance, kindness and respect are at the heart of everything we do.

We believe that academic success, at all levels, is achieved when underpinned by a student’s ability to recognise the importance of strong self-worth.
The Vine (LSC) is our hub, where we offer wrap-around support for everyone, by providing a nurturing and effective environment for all our students.

We teach our students how to communicate effectively, understand and manage their emotions in line with societal expectations. We teach them to appreciate and understand individual character traits, which will support their journey towards positively impacting the community.

The Vine is a safe space for our students to be themselves, a place they can go and get the support they need, and a place to give them the opportunity for reflection and growth.

We work with them by assessing their specific needs, which includes learning ability, physical ability, as well as any emotional, behavioural and academic challenges they may have.
Our interventions are created for the individual and targeted towards the areas of social, emotional, and academic performance that may have caused them some difficulties within a traditional educational setting.

We are extremely fortunate to have an outstanding team who, together, offer extensive knowledge and experience in a multitude of areas to help our students grow into capable, confident, and responsible young adults.

The Vine


Our Vision: To support and empower every student with additional needs, to achieve their full potential.

Our Mission: To provide personalised support, resources, and opportunities that promote academic, social, and emotional growth during our students’ informative years. This gives them the best possible start to their future, post High School Education.

Our Promise:As part of our students’ ongoing development, we promise to provide the following.

  1. Support: all our staff work closely with parents, so we can support our students by providing an inclusive educational setting for all. Including, assistance with physical, motor and communication skills.
  2. Quite areas: throughout the school, we have quiet areas for students. These are used when a student may need to decompress, or just take a few minutes to reset.
  3. Equipment: all our classrooms have access to specialised educational equipment to help support our students. This includes: computers, audiobooks, reading pens and sensory materials such as fidgets.
  4. Mental Wellness: we provide mental wellness support for all our students, and where needed we will support parents to get any additional, professional care that may be required.
  5. Life Skills: We offer all our students the opportunity to develop their life skills, so they are ready for their independent future.

Our Learning Support Centre (LSC) involves a detailed and structured approach. This caters to the diverse needs of our students and the additional support they need. Our structured approach makes our LSC the cornerstone in the foundations of our students’ development, giving them the opportunity to succeed both academically and personally.

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