The Vine (Learning Support Centre)

The Vine, is ourLearning Support Centre (LSC).


At PGS we believe that academic success is achieved when underpinned by an individual’s ability to recognise and appreciate the importance of strong self-worth.

Our interventions are bespoke for the individual and targeted towards areas of social emotional intelligence that may sometimes create difficulties in sustaining academic performance within the traditional classroom setting.

The Vine is a hub offering wrap around support for our students. Providing a safe place to foster feelings of competence and self-efficacy. Nurturing the concepts of empathy, optimism and forgiveness and providing opportunities for reflection and restoration.

PGS is an inclusive education provision where acceptance, kindness and respect are at the heart of everything we do.

Teaching students how to communicate effectively, understand and manage their emotions in line with societal expectations and appreciate individual character traits to support their journey towards positively growing successful citizens of the global community.

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